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    Cricut is a smart die-cutting machine that does an excellent job of cutting plenty of objects and lets you create attractive crafts. One can set up their Cricut machine at cricut.com/setup. The Cricut machine has been appreciated for its ability to cut materials like vinyl, wood, and leather. Many around the world are opting for the smart Cricut machine. If you have bought a Cricut machine and encountering issues setting it up, you can read the entire setup procedure and set it up quickly by going to the link cricut.com/setup.

    The Process to Download & Install the Design Space on Windows PC

    One needs to download and install the Design Space program on their device to take advantage of the Cricut machine. Below is the detailed procedure to assist you in downloading and installing the Design Space. Follow the steps:

    1. First, open an internet browser, type “cricut.com/setup” in the search bar, and hit Enter key.
    2. Doing so will lead you to the download page.
    3. On the download page, you will see the Design Space program.
    4. Click on the same and let the download conclude.
    5. When the download is complete, the setup will be saved in the Downloads folder of your system.
    6. You need to go to the Downloads folder and find the setup.
    7. Click on the setup file and let the installation begin.
    8. Wait for the file installation to come to an end.
    9. You can now carry out the sign-in process with the Design Space using Cricut.
    10. When the program is successfully installed, you can start creating crafts.

    The Process to Download and Install the Design Space on iOS Device

    In order to download and install the Design Space on your iOS device, you can go to App Store. Follow the instructions:

    1. Go to the App Store on your iOS device.
    2. When you reach the home screen, search for the Cricut Design Space.
    3. Tap on the Get button to download the application for your iOS device.
    4. After the download has come to an end, you can open the app.
    5. Carry out the sign-in process and initiate the craft creation in minutes.
    6. If your Cricut account does not exist, you can reach cricut.com/setup and finish the sign-in process.
    7. That is how one can complete setup and create an account through cricut.com/setup.

    The Process to Set Up Cricut Machine on Your Mac

    In order to carry out the Cricut machine setup procedure, you can follow the step-by-step instructions:

    1. Connect your Cricut machine to the power supply and turn the machine on.
    2. After that, establish the connection between your Cricut machine and desktop through a USB cord.
    3. Open an internet browser and visit cricut.com/setup.
    4. Download the Design space on your Mac and install the setup.
    5. Sign in through the on-screen instructions.
    6. Set up your Cricut machine correctly and start creating crafts.

    The Process to Set Up New Cricut Machine on Printer

    After downloading the setup from cricut.com/setup and installing the same, you can carry out the process of setting up your Cricut machine with your printer. Go through the instructions below.

    1. Make sure that you have installed the setup after downloading it from cricut.com/setup.
    2. Sign in to your Cricut account.
    3. Register your Cricut account if you are new to the process.
    4. You now need to select the Cricut device and select the Download button.
    5. Double-click on the file and install it.
    6. As soon as the setup is complete, you can begin creating crafts.
    7. Connect your Cricut machine to the power supply and turn it on.
    8. Connect it to your desktop through a USB cord.
    9. Your device is now ready to work.
    10. Start the craft creation using the Cricut machine.


    Where do I create my Cricut user account?

    Ans: One can visit cricut.com/setup and create their Cricut account easily.

    Does the Cricut machine work with a printer?

    Ans: Yes, the Cricut machine works with a printer once you have correctly set up a connection. Go to cricut.com/setup to learn the connection setup procedure.

    How do I control my Cricut machine?

    Ans: You can establish connections between desktop and Cricut machine via a USB cord to send commands to your Cricut machine. That is how a Cricut machine is controlled.

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